my friend want a refund

By benz05za posted 7th May 2014

outlast friend of mine bought it for me. but I have not been key. I can not just wait for it. my friend wants a refund, In order to be purchased through the merchant steam. my friend can refund or no?


By Azrael360 posted 7th May 2014

You can wait for GamersGate to assign you a Steam Key in which case it doesnt take more than 5 working days. This usually happen during a big sale, and sometimes GamersGate runs out of keys due to the high number of sales. But your purchase is valid. You and your friend should have a little more patience and wait for your key.

If you dont want to wait and since you havent received your key, and thus, you havent seen the Steam Key (key is still locked), your friend can ask for a refund. For that, he needs to contact Support, here:

By Psyringe posted 7th May 2014

We are expecting new Outlast serials shortly - actually I was told that we are expecting them today, though its already afternoon and I dont want to make any empty promises. We are in contact with the developers though and should be getting these keys very quickly.

Regarding refunds, any unused game can be refunded up to 14 days after the purchase. Tell your friend to open a support, and the support department will take it from there.

By gamersgate posted 11th May 2014

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By gamersgate posted 12th May 2014

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