Total War Shogun 2

unsecurity problems with Steam account

By arturolo posted 7th May 2014

Hello there

I purchased Shogun 2 and when I open an account steam which I realized after downloading it, but is fine. I started playing but my system detects threats and also the IP is no the same I have, there for I changed password and im not using it.
What can I do?


By DABhand posted 7th May 2014

Hi its hard to understand what you mean, but...

1. Seems like your Anti-virus software has picked up the game wrongly as a threat, add the games .exe file to your AV exception list (it will be in your AVs settings)

2. The IP being different comes down to something you have running on your own system, like a proxy or VPN you might be using for example.

By m661 posted 7th May 2014

Without going to technical Steam is only able to host there services due to massive capacity requirements and there for multiple connections are not even rare but a requirement. Also keep in mind connections could also come from related services like a type of security installed with the game.

Because of this incomming trafic and outgoing could be seen as unwanted behaviour if you have either to strict rules applied on your firewall, antivirus.
Antivirus also has the tendency to generate false positives especially on the consumer product level.

These things are not something to worry about aslong as you have downloaded the software through the publisher reseller or developer.

By The-LEGO-Maniac posted 7th May 2014


Since you have already downloaded and started playing the game, you should be able to run it in Offline Mode. This would ensure there are no connections made by Steam over the internet. Simply ensure Steam is set to save your login details and choose Steam > Go Offline from the menu. This will let you play single player without needing an internet connection at all.

More information on Offline Mode can be found here:

Hope you get to enjoy this fantastic game!

By gamersgate posted 17th May 2014

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By gamersgate posted 19th May 2014

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