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Deleting an account on GG

By rtoder22kjgkfjhfsgj posted 6th May 2014

I want to know what happens to my Steam-redeemed games if my account was to be deleted?



By MannTyp posted 6th May 2014

No, they shouldnt be deleted because you only buy the key on Gamersgate and activate the game on Steam.

By b3nderz posted 6th May 2014

Nothing, I guess.
Your Steam key are legit, so your Steam account is fine. But in case of problem, you should keep proof of purchase. Or keep your GG account.

By m661 posted 6th May 2014

The moment you use a steam key you hold a license agreement with Valve/Steam with those games and GamersGate cant revoke access in any way except to additional content that is hosted under GamersGate like manuals or DRM free downloads.

While the choice is yours it would be best to keep your account if your account has purchases on it that have to be revalidated later on with a serial and seperate DRM like starforge or tages as example.

I would recommend either to keep the account as it is but just not use it or randomize your password and forget it. That way the account can be recovered if in the future you require any information but your not bothered by it (as long as you unsubscribe any newsletters)

If you are absolutely sure that all your purchases are on steam and you do not require the account any more please create a support ticket and they might be able to help you.

By Psyringe posted 6th May 2014

GamersGate (as a distributor) cannot remove games from your Steam account. However, the publisher can. If keys were obtained through fraudulent means, then GamersGate can send those keys to the publisher, and the publisher can then revoke them, which would remove them from your Steam account and possibly have further repercussions for this account as well. This is one of the reasons why it can be dangerous to obtain keys from dubious sources, one never knows whether they might get revoked sooner or later.

If you just want to close your GamersGate account out of your own volition, though, your Steam account will not be affected.

By gamersgate posted 7th May 2014

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By gamersgate posted 7th May 2014

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