Anybody know how long it will take GG to get more keys?

By ZethonIV posted 5th May 2014

I bought Skullgirls yesterday when it was on sale, but theyre out of keys. Anybody know approximately how long Ill have to wait?


By n3mm posted 5th May 2014

As far as I know - up to 4 business days, but it depends on the publisher.

By Toffmonster posted 5th May 2014

Id presume around a week. I think they restock keys every week, maybe youll get it even this week. But thats just a guess, only GamersGate staff can answer that.

By jeffgc76 posted 5th May 2014

Gamersgate should try to list games as unavailable if they have run out of keys.
Reports of customers not receiving keys have become more and more frequent lately,
and it is beginning to diminish my confidence in making purchases from this site.

By Psyringe posted 6th May 2014

Usually it takes 2-4 business days, but for small studios its hard to predict.

Keys are requested and supplied continuously as needed, there is no fixed rule such as once in a week. When stock runs low, GamersGate requests and receives a new batch.

GamersGate does denote any lack of keys when you put a game in the cart. This gives customers the option to decide whether or not they want to buy the game under these circumstances.

We have indeed had several games running out of keys in short succession, which is very rare. The reason is that the Spring Sale brought a large amount of new customers to the site, who created a higher demand for the other games on sale than expected. Such developments are hard to predict, especially nowadays, when word of mouth travels incredibly fast through entire populations in social media.

By redsfan posted 6th May 2014

The way the keys work is that you get one from a pool of keys available to all that need them. It is first come first serve. They will get more keys when they are out and you will get one from a group. A key is not assigned to you upon purchase. It is available to you to receive.

By Link Strife posted 6th May 2014

Hello ZethonIV,

As you may have noticed, nobody really knows. The reason why is that it all depends on the publisher of the game. They are the ones providing the keys and even GamersGate cant tell you for sure when they will receive them.

The sale was a good one and I suppose sales were high. Therefore it is not surprising that GamersGate ran out of keys. Nobody can tell you for sure how long it will take to get a new batch of keys, but it is usually a matter of a few days. Check daily if the new keys have arrived.

If you come upon someone who complains that GamersGate should try to list games as unavailable if they have run out of keys, you can tell them that there is in fact a mechanism in place. An alert is usually triggered when GamersGate runs out of keys and is displayed (in red font) on the game page. I suppose that did not happen this time.

edit: Posts by Psyringe and redsfan appeared while I was typing my answer (which may now contain irrelevant information, sorry.)

By gamersgate posted 6th May 2014

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