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By Grymwynd posted 5th May 2014

Just wondering if anyone knows if you can download .APK files to pc for these android games here?


By Azrael360 posted 5th May 2014

If youre using a PC, you get a link that is sent to your e-mail, and with your Android device you download your game using that link:

Buy it seems you dont have access to any Android type of file using your PC.

By mstiper posted 5th May 2014

You can download it on Pc then you must plug in your android phone to PC (dont forget the chose the option in your phone for mediadevice to make it accesable from your Pc desktop then you can drag&Drop the file to your SD card on the phone ( I think the download folder is to prefer to find it faster on phone and can install it)

hope it helps you and dont confuses but i have this talent*g*

By Grymwynd posted 5th May 2014

I know how to install an APK file to an android device but from the link Azrael360 provided (Thanks) it looks as though you cant download to pc, only directly to an android device.

By mstiper posted 5th May 2014

ah ok now i see yeah then it must be maked from the phone to surf to the gamersgate side but i think when you have it in your libary you can download it second times to pc

By Grymwynd posted 5th May 2014

Thanks Azrael360 and mstiper for your help.
In case anyone else is wondering about this:
I have just bought an android game and downloaded the .APK to my pc. Click on the game in your library then click the web link on the right under the download instructions.

By gamersgate posted 5th May 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th May 2014

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