By Aramil76 posted 7th Nov 2009

When I try to sign in to download the game I get the following error:

"Failed to sign in: HttpSendRequest: A connection with the server could not be established"

Somebody can give me a hand?



By Athalian posted 7th Nov 2009

* 1) Check your Internet connection and try disabling your firewall if youve got one. This message may appear when the connection is interrupted, or very slow.
* 2) Reboot your PC - this may remove some temporary files, clean some memory, and may help in removing this message
* 3) Just wait 5-10 minutes and try again - this is most probably a temporary problem, so whatever causes it, it may be gone after a while.
* 4) Try downloading the game from another computer, and if the error does not appear there, you can copy the downloaded files and the download file (!) to your computer and run the file. It will then search for the downloaded files. If the temporary folder for downloaded games and the download file are in the same place, then it will find the files and start the installation process. If after all you still experience this problem, do write to
* Do NOT use the RUN option in Internet Explorer. Download the Downloader to your desktop or preferd download area and click the downloader to initiate the download/install process.

By Aramil76 posted 7th Nov 2009

Thanks, I just needed to reboot my pc!

By Athalian posted 7th Nov 2009

It happens to us all :P remember to mark question as solved :D

By gamersgate posted 7th Nov 2009


By gamersgate posted 9th Nov 2009

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