Steam Key for pre-orders?

By Roninx posted 18th Mar 2014

I pre-ordered Dark Souls 2 on Gamersgate, but no Steam key is available, although the game would need to be activated via Steam. So far I received the Steam keys on GG after around 10min, not so with Dark Souls 2. Would this be because it is a pre-order? When do we receive the Steam keys for pre-orders?


By Azrael360 posted 18th Mar 2014

The game is in Pre-Order status: You wont get your key until the game is released (April 25th).

By Roninx posted 18th Mar 2014

Thanks Azrael.

By Futilizer posted 18th Mar 2014

Actually, you will receive your Steam key a few days before the game is released so that you can pre-load (Download the Game) the game so it will be ready upon release.

By gamersgate posted 22nd Mar 2014

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By gamersgate posted 22nd Mar 2014

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