Call of Atlantis: Treasures of Poseidon

No download or serial key

By finncat posted 16th Mar 2014

Can someone tell me whats the problem: bought this game, but when i open it in my games, there is no option for download nor serial key, only gift option. Other games has download button or serial key visible. Sry if bad english :).


By MrModeste posted 16th Mar 2014


I am tempted to say that you bought this game as a gift, but didnt realize it.

If you are 100% sure this is not the case, then submit a ticket in the Support option.

By rgrico posted 22nd Mar 2014

Thats weird. Anyway, if you accidentally bought the game as a gift (like MrModeste suggests) you could use the gift option to send the activation data to another personal account and proceed.

By finncat posted 23rd Mar 2014

I think i bought the game (8.99 eur) if you search this game you find the same, there is no info, that this is gift game only.

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