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Purchase Wont Process

By 21TheAssassin21 posted 16th Mar 2014

I am trying to buy Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for Mac and my payment keeps on failing. I am using a prepaid Visa card and even though I am entering all of the information correctly. I have even entered the card number and everything on the the Vanilla Visa website, copied it when it entered correctly, and pasted it into the credit card number position, only for the payment to fail again. I also have made sure that there is enough money on the card to make the purchase. Does anybody know what is wrong and/or how I can fix this?


By MrModeste posted 16th Mar 2014


From what Ive been able to gather, between the registering of your personal information on the VISA official website, and the activation of your card, there is a small delay, around 15 minutes.

If you posted this message right after your payment has been refused, try again a little be later.

Hope that helps, and good luck !

By vdemon11 posted 16th Mar 2014

You should try to use the PayPal selection instead just make sure you have an account with your card registered to it, thats what i did to get around the problem

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