Unable to run

By Daniel Huppe posted 16th Mar 2014

I installed Soulbringer but when I launch it says Fatal error exiting


By gameongamersgate posted 16th Mar 2014

The game doesnt seem to work on Windows 7 or newer operating systems. It worked on Windows XP as far as i can remember. I havent found out how to make it work for newer OS, but hopefully someone knows if there is a way....

By Psyringe posted 16th Mar 2014

Windows 7 is listed as supported on the product page, and it does work on my own Win7 64-bit machine. I did not have to do anything special.

The game will launch a setup utility first. I chose my desktop resolution (1920x1200) and DirectX7 and my graphics card (nVidia 560) as display adapter. You may want to experiment with these settings if it doesnt run for you.

I also had to specifically declare the game as trusted, otherwise my antivirus would block it. That could be a problem too.

By Daniel Huppe posted 16th Mar 2014

Thank you Psyringe. Selecting DirectX in the settings made it worked.

By gamersgate posted 16th Mar 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 16th Mar 2014

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