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By xushiner posted 15th Mar 2014

I just installed Medieval 2: Total War Collection onto my laptop. However, when I tried to run it, before the screen goes into fullscreen mode, a message appears saying (title*). I dont know why this happens because I searched all over the internet for solutions without any luck. My laptop can run games such as ETW and ShogunTW (but with low graphics settings) but I somehow cant run a game a little older than those games. I downloaded MTW on my other better computer which works but the laptop cant take it for some reason. Can somebody find me a solution?!?!


By killuallnow1980 posted 15th Mar 2014

Please take a note at the specifications of the machine.

Laptop are Gadgets. As much they want to be fully systems
very few ventors are taking care of that and you should
pay a good price for a good laptop to have such demands
from it.

By Rahuzeru posted 16th Mar 2014

Okay go into your Steam your Library, right click on it go down to Properties, a new window will open up with 3 tabs, just click on Local Files, click on Browse Local Files another window will open up this is your game folder. Scroll down until you see medieval2 Thats the shortcut that works without the Launcher problem. This may do the trick. let me see what else i can find...also make sure game is updated

By Andreasqiao posted 16th Mar 2014

this solution I found in Total War forum might useful for you , here it is :

By Roninx posted 18th Mar 2014

@killuallnow1980 Your statement about Laptops is pure nonsense. Please only give qualified, explained and proven answers on GG Tutor.

1. As long as we are not talking about Netbooks, laptops are on par with desktops with the same system specs. There is no difference when they have the same or similar components.
2. In fact, the total opposite from what you said is true for Medieval 2. It work great on older laptops, as it is an older game, optimized for XP and Vista. The game actually has issues running on newer OS. I personally play Medieval 2 on an outdated XP laptop because it has issues on my Win 8 gaming desktop, which by far outperforms the laptop.

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