Prince of Persia - Two Thrones (Mac)

Not able to run the game

By karthicsakthi5 posted 15th Mar 2014

i have successfully installed the game, however when i opened the game i was not able to see anything.
its only a blank screen.

I have new Mac, i7, 2Ghz, Iris HD graphics.

Is there any solution...


By killuallnow1980 posted 15th Mar 2014

Are all your drivers in right place and the latest version?

By killuallnow1980 posted 15th Mar 2014

Update your drivers...
Intel Cards are Never the standard for the gaming industry.
If the PC is a laptop you have not many possibilities in running the game.
Graphic cards in laptops are NEVER oficially supported so its up to you
to run a game on it even if the companies are selling games in that stuff!
I know it sucks... Thats Life.
You should try a DEMO first or.... Anyway.

TRY updating the drivers. Maybe everything is fine after that!

By MrModeste posted 16th Mar 2014


I have this game, and played it for a few hours on my PC (Geforce 305M).
I have been faced at several occasions with a visual bug, where the whole screen would quickly turn blank. From what Ive been able to gather, this is a common bug with some graphic cards.

What youre experiencing might be a variation of it. In this case, aside from setting down the graphics options, and updating your drivers, I dont think theres anything else to do.

Keep us informed, and good luck !

By killuallnow1980 posted 7th Feb 2015

Is this case solved?

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