Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe

Game wont play!! :/

By Blackiechan05 posted 15th Mar 2014

When I launch the game, a prompt comes up requiring me to insert a Loopy Landscapes CD. I downloaded the game not expecting to have additional requirements. How do I get it to work?


By Psyringe posted 15th Mar 2014

Uninstall the game, then redownload and re-install, and when the downloader asks you what to do with the temporary files at the end of the installation process, tell it to keep them. Contrary to all other games in the catalog, this game requires the temporary files to be present, otherwise the game wont find the Loopy Landscapes expansion.

You may also want to move the downloader to a safe place before starting the download, where you can keep the files. Dont start it in a temp or Download directory that might be deleted automatically by your browser or by a system process. Also, you may want to steer clear of the Program Files directories for download and installation, many older games have trouble with these directories on newer (post-XP) versions of Windows.

By Blackiechan05 posted 15th Mar 2014

I tried everything that everyone one was suggesting, and the only thing that seemed to have worked was to uninstall Firewall, download RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe, and then just turn windows Firewall back on. Its the only thng that worked.
Thanks for everyones help in every forum!

By Blackiechan05 posted 15th Mar 2014

Never mind! Its doing it AGAIN!! :/

By Blackiechan05 posted 15th Mar 2014

It says.. Game initializing failed - Missing or inaccessable data files.
what is going on? I didnt pay money for the and just want to play the game!

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