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How Long Till I Get My Download :-S :-(

By joconnell48 posted 14th Mar 2014

just bought arma 2 for day z expecting to download and play it tonight, moneys came out my paypal and the order status is at Your order has been selected for manual review really ........, does anyone know how long this usually takes, its 21.21 just now will i have to wait till tomorrow till day time or will this review happen soon ie before tomorrow sometime tonight ?


By TeamSlayer1997 posted 14th Mar 2014

Usually takes a day or two

By joconnell48 posted 14th Mar 2014

not too bad actually theyve authorized my order just now at 22.58 at night which is late so im a happy chap just under 2 hours which isnt too bad thanks for the input though :-)

By gamersgate posted 14th Mar 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 15th Mar 2014

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