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Im not from UK

By adivaiesu posted 14th Mar 2014

GamersGate thinks Im from UK, which Im not and is showing me prices in Pounds instead of USD or Euro.

How can I change this?


By buddy975 posted 14th Mar 2014

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, go to Site Settings and under the point Currency Displayed you should be able to change the displayed amounts from pounds to Euro/USD.
Good luck!

By adivaiesu posted 14th Mar 2014

The amount is displayed as Euro.
But the e-mails with promotions and new games are received in Pounds.

For example, Titanfall - on the website it says that is not available in my region, but I have received an e-mail with Titanfall UK, priced in Pounds that took me to

All the e-mails with promotions that I received are in Pounds and UK region.

By MerlinXVulpes posted 14th Mar 2014

Try changing the Billing Information under your Account Settings.
If this doesnt work out, I fear you have to contact gg support directly.

By gamersgate posted 21st Mar 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 21st Mar 2014

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