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By DaSchneida posted 12th Mar 2014

Hello there,

yesterday, I bought WRC3 and encountered a problem with it, unfortunately. The installation works flawlessly also the installation of the patch works well. I can launch the setup tool to configure my graphics options and so on. However, when I try to launch the game itself it only shows the splash screen with the Dolby logo and then freezes instantly. I think that the problem is Windows 7 related but I am not sure if it is restricted to that.

In order to solve my problem I also tested a series of compatibility modes. While Vista compatibility and XP compatibility do not work and just show the same issue, I could successfully start the game with Windows 98/ME compatibility. My only problem with this solution is that the resolution is reduced down to 640x480 no matter which resolution I chose in the launcher application. Additionally, I tried to launch the game on the same computer in a Windows XP OS and encountered exactly the same problem there, as well. I could launch it in Windows 98 compatibility mode but only with strong restrictions in terms of resolution. Is there a known solution to this issue?

Thank you very much for your help!


By KilKidd posted 12th Mar 2014

Sounds like it could be a graphics driver issue, or the settings are too much for your video card. try updating your graphics card drivers and see if that helps.

By DaSchneida posted 12th Mar 2014

Well, I just did that yesterday and I dont think that a three years old game is too much for a GeForce GTX 660 which is barely 4 months old. Apart from that I use a Core i7 860 with 2.8GHz per core and 8GB of DDR3-RAM. As a comparison, I can run for example Dirt 3 or F1 2013 at Full-HD resolution with buttery smooth 60 FPS. Of course you might be right about the graphics driver. Maybe it is too recent and some older compatiblity features were disabled by nvidia that are necessary for the game to run.

By maddhaten posted 12th Mar 2014

ok well you still should update your graphic card as just as it is an old game does not mean it would have compatibility issues. was the game out when your hardware was made? nope it wasnt so try updating your graphic. and also check in your device manager and make sure there are no problems there. you may have to uninstall and reinstall graphic drivers. good luck man.

By DaSchneida posted 13th Mar 2014

As I mentioned the graphic drivers are up to date. Currently I use forceware 335.23 which is, as far as I know, the latest driver by nvidia. Also I didnt find any beta driver which is more recent. If somebody has a clue what exactly to look for I might apply some tweaks via the nvidia inspector. However, since it is quite an extensive tool I do not have an idea which options to try.

By Ebuli posted 13th Mar 2014

Search for the game configuration file, then edit it and set the desired resolution manually. Save the file after that right click on it and set it (from properties) as read-only so it cannot be edited by the game.

By DaSchneida posted 13th Mar 2014

That sounds like an interesting solution. I will try that this evening. I just hope that there is no internal reason due to the compatibility mode which leads to the resolution change, but I will see about that. Thanks for the idea!

By DaSchneida posted 13th Mar 2014

I tried to set the config file to read-only and it seems that actually did the trick. Interestingly enough I do not even need to do so anymore now! Even if I remove the read-only tick the game launches and runs nicely - in Windows 98 compatibility of course. So thank you all together, it is finally working!

By gamersgate posted 13th Mar 2014

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By gamersgate posted 14th Mar 2014

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