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Link to HOI 3 Manual

By Runzel posted 11th Mar 2014

Not a question, just a heads up.
A Link on the HOI 3 store page, which is supposed to link the manual, leads to the Quickstart Guide instead
You may want to correct that.


By Runzel posted 11th Mar 2014

Well as it is the tutor i should probably make it a question...
Where on gamersgate can i find the HOI 3 Manual?

By DhulKarnain posted 11th Mar 2014

Hearts of Iron 3 Manual
-- -- -- -- -- --
For the Motherland Manual
-- -- -- -- -- --
Semper Fi Manual

By Runzel posted 11th Mar 2014

Thank you DhulKarnain,

and the link got fixed too.
Marking the topic solved.

By gamersgate posted 11th Mar 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 14th Mar 2014

The solution has been approved by a moderator - The tutor(s) has received the reward.

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