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Steam regions

By sibilant posted 7th Mar 2014

If I buy the game here, then I will always get a key for my region? (Russia) I bought this game here, hoping to get ROW version instead of RU + CIS.


By cpizanias posted 7th Mar 2014

Square Enix has region locked Theif, so if you bought it with a Russian IP address you would be getting the RU + CIS version.

By Tentax posted 7th Mar 2014

Some games (like thief) are region-locked. so when you see the game page on the site you have to check whether the version you are buying is global or locked to a specific region. usually russian versions are cheaper, but restricted. as far as i know has the uk/global version. note that some game publishers automatically activate localized versions in germany and russia.

By sibilant posted 7th Mar 2014

Where in the description written about regional restrictions? Russian version really cheaper ... in Steam. And here for this big price I dont expect to see the Russian region.

By Prappper posted 8th Mar 2014

If It is dependent on the buyers IP address - Pretty crappy, but even the steam service itself is implementing new region locks on game play, not just activation. I know if you redeem the ROW or EFIGS you can play it anywhere, but a copy bought as RU/CIS or ASIA will be region locked not just to activation, but also launching the game.

By gamersgate posted 8th Mar 2014

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By gamersgate posted 14th Mar 2014

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