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Civ 3

By Fredhill87 posted 7th Mar 2014

Cant activate the game. Deleted on previous computer already.


By Ebuli posted 7th Mar 2014

What is the error message you get? So you have installed it on a different computer previously and now you want to install it to another?

By Brakeman posted 7th Mar 2014

Right click on icon and try run as administrator. If re installing onto different computer when prompted for CD, just point to the file where all the file folders are.

By Fredhill87 posted 7th Mar 2014

It says installed too many times

By jeffgc76 posted 7th Mar 2014

The DRM probably limits the amount of times you can install the game/use the key. In some cases you can contact the DRM company, explain your problem, and ask them nicely to reset the key. Unfortunately you may need to re-purchase the game if you still want to play it.

By Andreasqiao posted 7th Mar 2014

You dont need to re-purchase it, just ask Gamersgate support to make your DRM limit back to zero again.

By jeffgc76 posted 7th Mar 2014

Does Gamersgate have control over the DRM? According to the information on the games page the DRM for Civilization III is handled by SecuROM. You may need to contact them yourself. Here is the address of their support website:

By gamersgate posted 7th Mar 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 14th Mar 2014

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