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Runs so slow its almost unplayable.

By Lebopski posted 27th Feb 2014


Im trying to play simon 4 on windows 7 but the game takes an age to load and when it eventually does it takes it so long to catch up with what the cursor is actually pointing at its virtually unplayable.

Any tips?

Many thanks



By A6M_Zero posted 27th Feb 2014

It may be that the hardware requirements for the game are higher than your machines capability. If youve not already, try lower the graphics and other settings to minimum, and see if the game runs any better. That wouldnt help the long loading time, but may make the game more playable. Also compare the GPU, CPU and RAM required for the game to your machine.

By Lebopski posted 28th Feb 2014

Thanks for the reply,

I dont think the hardware is the problem. The game only needs a Pentium 4 with 512mb of RAM but its running on a 2.4ghz i3 with 4gb of RAM.

I know the game was originally meant to run on windows XP but Gamersgate states it will work with windows 7.

Plus, the only thing I can do in settings is to turn the shadows off which doesnt seem to make any difference at all.

I appreciate the game isnt going to hold a torch to Day of the Tentacle but being a Simon 1 + 2 obsessive I have a strange compulsion to play the series out. Hell, if I can survive Simon 3D I can survive anything

By Andreasqiao posted 28th Feb 2014

Possible solutions for that problem are :
1. Try to run as administrator
2. Tick compatibility mode as Windows XP
3. Download patch 1.1

By A6M_Zero posted 28th Feb 2014

If your machine has the necessary hardware and its only the game running slowly and not your whole machine, then Im not too sure what the problem could be. Andreasqiao raised a good point, which is to make sure the game has all patches and updates installed. If you open your task manager and close all other applications you can see if something else is using up all your RAM and CPU in the background, but as I said if its just this one game running slowly thats likely not the problem.

By shawn99 posted 4th Mar 2014

your computer do not match with the requirement with simon 4 you need . You should have that much requirement to play check the requirement if it match then download the crack for simon 4

By Lebopski posted 13th Mar 2014

Thanks for the replies guys.
Ive tried running as administrator on various graphic settings but it seems to be the same on all settings.
Where do I find the patch?


By Andreasqiao posted 13th Apr 2014

Sorry very late in reply, I only found this link to the patch :

By Lukman2 posted 14th Apr 2014

And I guess is virus

By m661 posted 15th Apr 2014

Gamersgate files are directly from the publisher/developers and the change of it containing a virus is almost nill.

By Myself posted 19th Apr 2014

Do you use as Laptop? Maybe its getting to hot while youre playing?

Did you try the task manager during playing to have a look at the CPU utilization?

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