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Victoria 2 [Steam activation key]

By Kriztoz posted 22nd Feb 2014

Hi dudes,

Current 75% off for Victoria series is great deal, but all games DRM Free.
How to obtain Victoria 2 steam activation key via Gamersgate?

Regards, Chris


By Tentax posted 22nd Feb 2014

The drm free versions of games dont work with steam. Seldomly do any non-steam serials work in steam. So if you want a steam version/key youll have to check that it says steam-key and not drm-free. I think youll have to get it from steam directly since i havent seen any steam key elsewhere..
Hope this helps you. :-)

By annales posted 23rd Feb 2014

What Tentrax says is correct. If you buy Vicky2 on Gamersgate then youll have the Gamersgate version that is not linked in anyway to Steam.
Its still a good offer and worth the investment.

By gamersgate posted 23rd Feb 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th Mar 2014

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