Fritz Chess 13

Video instructions missing

By Rankted83 posted 30th Dec 2013

Fritz 13 is advertised to contain 10 hours of video instructions from chess grandmasters.
My problem is, that I cannot access these files.

If I click on chess course in the starting screen (which is named video- chesstraining in the german game language) the game asks me to insert a Chess Media DVD. There is also no way to access them trough the main program (file/open/open mediafile) because the files haven´t been installed on my computer! The game download is 3,5 GB, while my instalation folder of the game is only 1 GB big. No luck with the documents folder either. My GamersGate temporary files folder only contains a single 3,5 GB file named launch. I´ve even searched for all media files on my computer.

So I reinstalled the game. During the process I realized, that many .wmv files are being unpacked. But these are still nowhere to be found on my computer after setup has finished.


By omuletuk posted 30th Dec 2013

I think you should burn a DVD with the game and run it from your DVD rom.
Even so,why you dont unpack your wmv files and watch them in VLC?

By Rankted83 posted 30th Dec 2013

I managed to obtain a file named F13setup.exe from the temporary files folder during the installation process. Then I unpacked the exe with winrar like you said and had my wmv files.
Thank you.

By gamersgate posted 30th Dec 2013

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By gamersgate posted 27th Jan 2014

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