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By Cirieneve posted 30th Dec 2013

So Ive been trying to pay for this game, but every time it says Pending after I enter all my card information...
Why is it doing this?


By Toffmonster posted 30th Dec 2013

Pending orders will not be handled and billed for unless you finish the payment procedure at the payment service web-page. In some time Pending orders, that are not handled and billed for will be automatically switched to Canceled. Note, that sometimes it takes more time to handle payments, thus the game will be added when the payment is finally received.

A pending Paynova or Click and Buy order is probably due to an uncomplete order. You may have failed to edit the 3D Secure code or Verified by Visa code. Maybe you could not see the window where the code should be entered? Please try to order again and make sure that any pop-up blockers are switched off for or

If you have a pending order, and the game is missing on your account, but the payment was made, then you should contact and your order will be checked out and corrected if it is necessary.

NOTE: Gamersgate uses payment services, provided by other companies, and we do not deal with payments at all. All is done via payment services (like Paypal, Click and buy and Paynova), and all issues concerning payment procedures and blocks may be resolved with them. Otherwise, if you have a problem with an order or games being added to your account, you can contact and you will be gladly assisted.


By Cirieneve posted 31st Dec 2013

Ok, so it keeps saying Payment failed, but I dont really understand why.
Ive changed payment methods...
So this is really confusing.

By Toffmonster posted 31st Dec 2013

Looks like you dont finish your payment process. Try disabling pop-up or ad-blockers, make sure your browser allows storing cookies.

By gamersgate posted 6th Jan 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 27th Jan 2014

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