Agricultural Simulator 2013 Gold Edition


By virtagos posted 28th Dec 2013

i have problem to activate the game i try to activate a account inside the game menue but say no Connection even i have a good internet Connection


By denizsi posted 28th Dec 2013

Try running the game with admin privileges (right click on game file, select Run as adminstrator. Also try to see if your firewall automatically blocks the game. If you cant find that information, just close your Firewall software before running the game.

By virtagos posted 29th Dec 2013

i have try with no results can i registrate the game on theirs home site and do activation from there i have Heard is very much problems with that game

By jweil500 posted 2nd Jan 2014

I have had a nightmare with this game from Steam, 2 months of emails to the guys and still wont work, poor programming, I think!

By gamersgate posted 20th Jan 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 27th Jan 2014

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