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Site not asking for credit card information

By austen1000 posted 28th Dec 2013

Hey. Whenever I try to purchase a game, it doesnt ask for credit card information or anything like that, and it goes straight to processing the order. I read the terms of service, FAQ, etc..., and Im not getting a clear answer. Am I suppose to put that information here or do I have to go straight to the payment methods website to put it in? Also,in account settings, under billing information, it doesnt show any states (United States) to select, only a blank drop-down box. Any help on this will be appreciated.


By rcantora posted 28th Dec 2013

Regarding the drop-down box, select a different country other that the US and then pick the US again; this will populate the states list.

By austen1000 posted 28th Dec 2013

Alright, that much worked. Thank you. Regarding the main question, does it help to mention I have NoScript, AdBlockPlus, and Ghostery addons in my browser? I allowed the site through NoScript. I tried disabling ABP for this site, but, it did not work, and Ghostery is not blocking anything directly related to the sites functionality, as far as I can tell.

By austen1000 posted 28th Dec 2013

NoScript was the issue. Blocked something important.

By gamersgate posted 28th Dec 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 27th Jan 2014

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