Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition Uk (Mac)

How about all the languages supported?

By DOMN posted 27th Dec 2013

Hi guys, I just bought Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition Uk (Mac) thinking that the game was translated in other languages as indicated in the detail on the product page, but the game is only English o.O there is a way to translating the subtitle in Italian? I dont have any problem playing the game in English, but if there was a solution I would appreciate it :) Thanks!


By acare84 posted 28th Dec 2013

Hello, You can activate the game on EAs Origin client with your serial number and download the Italian version from it. Or I think you can change the language from the games configuration tool. Did you look there? If there is not Italian language there you can download the game (Italian version) from Origin as I said.

By DOMN posted 28th Dec 2013

Hi, thanks for you replies, I activated the game on Origin but is only compatible with Windows Pc :S and in-game there isnt any configuration tool about Languages also during installation, now I can try to install the game on my Windows Pc and transfer file languages to my Mac, what do you think about?

By DOMN posted 28th Dec 2013

Solved, I will play in English :P I see that is not a problem, dialogues are very clear :D Thanks for everything ;)

By gamersgate posted 28th Dec 2013

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By gamersgate posted 27th Jan 2014

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