Nemesis of the Roman Empire

game is up side down

By polomea posted 26th Dec 2013

i installed the game and it works ok from what i can see but the problem is everything is up side down.the resalution they have it at is backwards, and this isnt the first game that i have bought from here with this issue, but the problem is it wont let me change the screen res. it says to try to change my desktop res, but i wont do that , because to have to change the res, every time i play this game doesnt seem practical to me . Has anyone came accross a problem like this with anyother game and is there a way i can change the res, throuhg systems file. I opened mine but was unable to edit the game configuations, Any help would be greatly appreciated.


By PSXJowie posted 26th Dec 2013

Can you elaborate in what are the spec of the computer you are playing the game with.

Like Operating system
Video Card + Drivers version

Then I can try to help you more if we have the complete info.

By PSXJowie posted 26th Dec 2013

Also if you are playing with an Intel Video Card I know for a fact they have a setting to invert the image on 3d and that can be disable using keyboard shortcuts. Please check and let me know

By PSXJowie posted 26th Dec 2013

To disable the Rotate feature, right click the Intel Extreme Graphics icon on the taskbar, select Graphics Options, then Graphics Properties. Click on the rotation tab and remove the tick from the enable rotation box. Alternatively it can be accessed from Display Properties - Settings - Advanced - Intel Extreme Graphics - Graphics Properties.

After having done that, you can restart the game to see if it works.

By taytothief posted 27th Dec 2013

I can say without a doubt that the problem here is your monitor is upside down. This is a common issue, but alas do not fret! Simply turn your monitor upside down again, and you will no longer receive any trouble. No need to thank me, just doing my job.

By polomea posted 27th Dec 2013

hahahaha taytothief .
PSXJowie thanks for the tip i will try it , but i have one question: will changing my display mess things up when im not playing the game? or would i need to keep changing it back when i finish playing the game? thanks again

By PSXJowie posted 27th Dec 2013

No that setting is on by default (driver default) why intel do that good question so be safe to change as I explain before and enjoy the game. Cheers

By polomea posted 31st Dec 2013

thanks PSXJowie it worked, you tought me something new:) thank you again !!

By gamersgate posted 31st Dec 2013

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By gamersgate posted 27th Jan 2014

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