How to reset the line

By kunadam2 posted 26th Dec 2013

When the line breaks, how can it be reset?
As for now we quit and restart the game, but that is clearly the wrong solution.
Does the game have a manual?


By redsfan posted 26th Dec 2013

One way would be to check the game folders and see if the manual is there. Another way is to go to the game maker website and find the manual there.

By Gamer99Guy posted 26th Dec 2013

you can visit the developers site/forum for related answer

By kunadam2 posted 29th Dec 2013

There is a manual. and one has to buy new lines in order to repair the old one.
Thank you!

By gamersgate posted 29th Dec 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 27th Jan 2014

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