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DLC Purchases from the ingame store

By mefaba posted 25th Dec 2013


I have the GG version of the game. Yesterday I signed into the ingame store to buy a few DLCs. I purchased some Blue Coins and then purchased the following DLCs:

Warriors of Faith Unit Pack
Sons of Abraham
Military Orders Unit Pack
Hymns of Abraham

Mind you, I purchased these from the ingame store, not from GG website.

All my DLCs show on my games list but I cant see these. The DLCs work fine in the game.

I was unaware of Paradoxs decision to continue to support the game. After I saw that on the forums yesterday, I registered all my Crusader Kings 2 stuff on Steam with the Steam activation codes given by GG. But as I cant see these 4 DLCs on my games list, I cant register them.

I need help.


By fodball posted 25th Dec 2013

To see if the DLC is in your Steam account, go to your games library then right click Crusader Kings II in the games list, then click properties and then DLC, DLC does not normally show in the steam games list unless its a stand alone product and normally do not need registration once in Steam.

By KerryTakeda posted 25th Dec 2013

i did the same thing. sons of abraham does not show up in steam and not on my GG games list for activation code.

By fodball posted 25th Dec 2013

@Kerry If you havent got your activation code go to GG games list click on your game and then show key button on the right hand side, once you have added the key to Steam DLC normally will not show in the games list unless its stand alone. If you havent got the activation at all, then contact support.

By mefaba posted 25th Dec 2013

I bought all my DLCs on GG using Blue Coins via ingame store. All my DLCs show on my games list except the ones I purchased 2 days ago. Why cant I see them. I see that Kerry has the same problem. So I understand that its not a problem that only I encountered.

I asked about this on GG support but because of the holiday season it takes too long for them to answer.

By bubbas posted 26th Dec 2013

@fodball, I dont think you quite understand the problem here and I do believe that both mefaba and KerryTakeda are experienced GG-customers enough to know how to redeem a steam code.

This is what I think has happened:

mefaba and KerryTakeda launched CK2 after the 2.0.2 patch was released but had not patched the game yet. Therefore they launched the GG version of the game and then ingame purchased DLCs with his blue coins thru the ingame store which still works if you launch the game independent of steam. I just tried this and it still works on 2.0.1 version of the game so I think that the ingame store should be disabled now that the game has no GG version longer.

Now since these purchases were made after Paradox gave out steam codes to all who had GG versions they did not receive any codes, so the only thing to do is to contact GG support and wait for the answer. Which can take a while due to the holiday season but hang in there ;)

By titus47 posted 26th Dec 2013

Why should the ingame store be disabled ? Some people might not move to Steam and thus still want to buy DLCs for their GG variant. The GG variant also still exists as a download in the game library, you just cant buy the base game as such anymore.

As long as PDS will still give Steamkeys for DLC bought through the ingame store after the Steamkeys appeared in the accounts, there wont be a problem. They should in my humble opinion, as no specific date was given, nor specific info on how this would be handled.
The question is if they will do so....

We probably wont get a definite response on this before new years though.

By titus47 posted 26th Dec 2013

While we have no official resonse to this specific problem theres a workaround/temporary fix.

Copy the DLCs (two files each) from your dlc folder of your GG variant
into the dlc folder of your Steam version.
Steam -> Steamapps -> common -> Crusader Kings II-> dlc
I believe you need to run CK2 once through Steam afterwards, so that the DLCs get recognised.

By titus47 posted 30th Dec 2013

Somebody on the CK2 forum posted, that he asked GamersGate Support for DLC steamkeys he bought through the ingame store and got them granted today.
So write an e-mail or open a ticket at the support here.

Please report when you got an official response.

By mefaba posted 30th Dec 2013

I opened a ticket on GG Support on 24th. No reply so far. Will report here when they contact me.

By mefaba posted 7th Jan 2014

GG customer support solved the problem.

By gamersgate posted 7th Jan 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 27th Jan 2014

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