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Carrier Command Version Number and Patching

By DedNLeft posted 23rd Dec 2013

1)What is the current version number of Carrier Command on Gamersgate? 2)What is the latest patch version via Gamersgate? Currently the developer, Bohemia Interactive, has a stable 1.06 version, and is working on a 1.07 beta. 3)Does anyone know if I can use their patches, with or without the SDK, on the Gamersgate version, or will I have to ask Gamersgate to update their patches (as it seems they only have 1.02 patch? 4)Finally, does the Gamersgate version have any DRM? The Bohemia Interactive site says the DRM was patched out in the previous patches? Thanks much for your help.


By Gamer99Guy posted 23rd Dec 2013

Ask support

By Dennisss posted 24th Dec 2013

Installer seems to be one of the first released version, update links to outdated 1.02 are provided.
The 1.06 version with SDK works fine.After installing game + 1.06 I was not asked to activate it so I assume the DRM was patched out.

By DedNLeft posted 26th Dec 2013

Thanks Denniss. I read through as many posts of the various forums as I could and I believe the DRM is taken out once the patches by Bohemia Interactive are made. May I ask you a few follow-up questions, Denniss, before I test it myself and see if it is solved?

Did you, as some suggest, do all the patches in order, such as 1.02, 1.03, 1.04, thru 1.06 ... or as it seems you did, did you just do 1.06 with SDK in one full swoop? Just want to confirm that.

Second, having played it a bit more, does it have any issues? One of the things Ive read about Bohemia Interactive products, such as ArmA, is that they have an odd DRM called FADE, which after a while begins to corrode the game, if the game decides you didnt really activate it? Now, I agree that somewhere in their patches the DRM seems to be removed and probably the patches at Bohemia Interactive will work on the Gamersgate version, especially since you said it did, and since as you reminded me the SDK is available which provides probably all the resources and unpacking files as well. But if FADE did somehow still get triggered it would start not allowing things or doing odd things? I guess Im just asking if it still seems to work for you and your order of patching, to confirm. If you answer back affirmatively, Im going to mark it as solved by you.

By DedNLeft posted 5th Jan 2014

Im going to mark this as solved by Dennisss, Ill review the rest as necessary when I get to install the game and go through all the forums of Carrier Command further. Thanks again.

By gamersgate posted 5th Jan 2014

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 27th Jan 2014

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