Desperados 2 problems

By Yobokkie posted 14th Dec 2013

Hi All,
I got a problem with desperados 2, I had it installed on my system and it worked fine but today I tried to load it and it asked for a serial key? The game is supposed to be DRM free, so I tried redownloading from Gamersgate and the loader tells me it can't work on 64 bit windows. What the heck? It was installed fine before and ran fine before but now it's all screwed up. Any ideas?


By ArAnMaNoTh posted 14th Dec 2013

hi! did you install any updates to the game and/or windows? if so, try reinstalling the game.

By Yobokkie posted 14th Dec 2013

Ahhh yeah as I said, I did try redownloading and installing the game but now the installer says it's not compatible with windows 64 bit.
No updates to the game (it's quite old ) and as far as I know no updates to windows, especially none of the kind that would make an allegedly DRM free game demand a serial key which I don't have.

By Fonwick posted 14th Dec 2013

It's the cd key you'll want likely. Sometimes people/shops wrongfully regard key-activation as DRM-free. Find your box/account page, get the code you got with the game, enter that.

32bit software runs fine on 64bit normally, it could however be the Windows version itself.

By Yobokkie posted 15th Dec 2013

Hi Fonwick, This is the problem... I bought the game from gamersgate and nowhere on my account page have they given me a serial key. I installed the game fine before but now the installer I downloaded fresh from gamersgate doesn't want to work with my 64 bit windows.

By Ladron3dfx posted 15th Dec 2013

If you ran some type of registry/cleaning tool perhaps it deleted something or a security application is preventing its launch, check the security app logs and settings.

Using an offsite patch may introduce DRM (asks for disc/serial) to a DRM-free game, use only patches provided by GamersGate, if any. Un-install and re-install the game.

By Yobokkie posted 16th Dec 2013

Again, please read my original question. I CAN'T reinstall the game because the installer from gamersgate now says it doesn't work on my 64 bit version of windows, (not a problem before). I appreciate that people are trying to get the blue coin bonus but please read before posting.

By Ladron3dfx posted 16th Dec 2013

Yobokkie, run with various compatibility modes and run as admin. Try that.

By Yobokkie posted 17th Dec 2013

The installer is all wrapped up in gamersgates own system and I cant find a way to run the installer without the wrapper. It seems the problem isnt with gamersgate installer but the actual setup file for this game thats been included. It wasnt a problem before so maybe theyve updated it recently or something. Ive sent them a support ticket, maybe one day theyll get around to replying to it.

By Ladron3dfx posted 19th Dec 2013

This is a possible workaround, Ive not tried it but seen mentioned.

Run the GamersGate installation, while the installation prompt appears and is running, head to the GamersGate numbered temp folder, locate and copy the setup.exe, now cancel the game installation, copy back the setup.exe file to the GamersGate numbered temp folder. Run the copied setup.exe file using the various compatibility modes, if necessary.

By Yobokkie posted 19th Dec 2013

Thanks for the advice, I had already tried that, in this case the file was caused launch. The problem seems to actually just be with the files that GG has served on this occasion, either being corrupt or the wrong version, but no compatibility modes or running as admin seems to work, i still get the message: The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows youre running. Check your computers system information to see whether you need an X86 (32-bit) or X64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher. Im in contact with gamersgate, hopefully theyll give me something better to go on as it really seems like something I wont be able to fix without a new version of the files. But thank you for your help anyhow, I will mark it as solved once Ive heard back from them and give you the points.

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