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By rmatos1 posted 9th Nov 2013


The Skrill's payment option was remmoved or the game that I tried to buy didn't have this option?
I bought a lot of games using this wallet, because the fact that I receive some tranfers there.
If not possible anymore, probably I will need to find another site.



By A638219 posted 9th Nov 2013

it looks like skrill has been removed, i checked several games and the option to pay with skrill was gone.

By Link Strife posted 9th Nov 2013

I am not familiar with Skrill and you are entirely entitled to use it if that is what you prefer, but why eliminate an entirely good site like GamersGate just because of the payment method. I have been using PayPal for years and I have no complaints.

By Psyringe posted 9th Nov 2013

Skrill is not gone. Actually GamersGate made Skrill their default payment provider. Direct credit card payment i processed by Skrill, Paysafecard (when available) is handled by Skrill as well.

What's not always available is the Skrill "Wallet". For a long time it was available for most (but not all) purchases provided you were in a region that supported it. Then it became unavailable. My last information is that GG was in talks with Skrill about this feature, but I don't know what the results were or what the current situation is.

By rmatos1 posted 9th Nov 2013

Link Strife, I didn't write that I'm going to eliminate entirely the Gamersgate from my options. I wrote that maybe I need to find another one, if it's not possible to buy by Skrill's wallet.
The problem with Paypal is that I don't receive any tranfers by there and we can't up funds either. For these reasons that I don't use it so much.

Psyringe, I forgot to put that I was talking about the wallet. I like it because it's a very pratical method. So I hope that option can be disponible again.
But if only some persons use the method, maybe there's not much sense to put it disponible as a payment option.

Thanks for all by the answers.

By gamersgate posted 9th Nov 2013

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By gamersgate posted 9th Nov 2013

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