Activating Anno 2070 on Steam

By jafetgx posted 8th Nov 2013

Good morning, thanks in advance for your support. I just bought Anno 2070 (The main game) in here and i'm trying to activate in on steam, but in marks the serial key i'm given in here as invalid.

I was thinking maybe the activation code that appears on the library works for here but the actual serial key is somewhere else?

How could i get it if so?


By rcantora posted 8th Nov 2013

You cannot activate this Anno 2070 key on Steam, but Uplay will gladly accept it.

By Andreasqiao posted 8th Nov 2013

Anno 2070 is an Ubisoft published game so you have to activate and use the game via Uplay, how to activate the game in Uplay is quite similar with activating the game through steam.
Make sure you make Uplay account , and then open Uplay, if Uplay decide to update it, let it be and wait. After all done,go to settings , click activate products using the key you bought from Gamersgate and follow the instruction.
It should be easy and not a problem for you :)

By jafetgx posted 8th Nov 2013

Oh i see..

Well thnx Mr. Jensen.

By gamersgate posted 8th Nov 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 8th Nov 2013

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