Euro Truck Simulator 2 Going East!

How to install over steam-bought ETS2?

By schlingel0017 posted 7th Nov 2013

I bought ETS2 over steam and have played it for over 100 hours. Now that ETS2 Going East! is on sale on gamersgate, I took the opportunity and bought the extension. But now I cannot install it over my steam-bought ETS2. Whilst installation I get "cannot detect folder" message. When I show the folder I get "steam version is not supported" message. Is there a way to use this installer to extend my game bought from steam, or should I request a refund?


By Darkrajin posted 7th Nov 2013

you would be best off trying to get a refund, before that, perhaps tty putting in the key-code for the expansion in the add games of steam.... beyond that a refund is best.

By schlingel0017 posted 7th Nov 2013

I didn't click "show serial key" button because I am afraid that it would make the game "unrefundable" :) I submitted a ticket to support now. I will post the result here.

By tibrusjer posted 7th Nov 2013

The key is meant for Steam as it is Steamworks DRM.
So, if you have already Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam you should reveal the serial code and add it to your Steam.

By schlingel0017 posted 8th Nov 2013

Yep, I used my key on Steam and downloaded the DLC from there. It works perfectly.

By gamersgate posted 8th Nov 2013

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By gamersgate posted 8th Nov 2013

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