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Where to find the download button

By Rikkes posted 7th Nov 2013

Ok I feel stupid to ask but after some time looking for the download link of this game I gave in. Can someone tell me how I get this game? I can only find the activation code in my shelf, not the download link...


By Link Strife posted 7th Nov 2013

This is a Ubisoft game and you will need their client *Uplay* in order to install the game. If you don't have a Uplay account, you can create one here:

Once you have Uplay, open it. Top bar, click *Games*, then *Activate a product*. You will be asked to enter your activation code (that you received from GamersGate). Follow the instructions to download your game.

By Rikkes posted 7th Nov 2013

Ok thanks, I will try this later today, maybe GG can add some info on the info page. It is even not stated that it's a Uplay DRM (it says other DRM)

By Dennisss posted 7th Nov 2013

Go to My Library, my shelf and select the heros game. There's a big download button above the activation code. If the download button is not there please reload the page in your Browser, also check the transaction you bought the game with (Status may be pending). This loads the downloader which then loads ~8 GB for the installer. This installs both the game and uplay. Both will be updated on the first game start (another ~500 MB in multiple steps) and you will have to register/Login with uplay to activate and play.

By Rikkes posted 8th Nov 2013

Ok thanks, found it, I was looking for a big button like with my other games but it's a small text link under the picture... Should have seen it though :)

By gamersgate posted 8th Nov 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 8th Nov 2013

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