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might and magic heroes VI shades of darkness

By FAKWITHHAK posted 4th Nov 2013

is this game here on gamersgate Steam compatible?


By Ligoku posted 4th Nov 2013

yeah, from my experience, everything you purchase through gamersgate is steam compatible, if uncertain, try to find the corresponding game on steam, if you find it, you can be certain you'll get a steam voucher from gamersgate

By FAKWITHHAK posted 4th Nov 2013

I have purchased AvP Classic 2000 on gamersgate and it only had download option, nothing for Steam, same with Stronghold Crusader and both games are avaliable on Steam.
maybe I'm missing something

By Psyringe posted 4th Nov 2013

This game, as sold on GamersGate, does not require Steam and cannot be activated on Steam. Every game that requires Steam has this noted on the product page, in the "requirements" section.

Ligoku - you are giving bad, and factually wrong, advice. Please check the facts before giving advice in the Game Tutor, especially in cases like these, where the information takes less than 3 seconds to look up. People may rely on your answers and spend money based on what we're saying here.

By FAKWITHHAK posted 4th Nov 2013


By gamersgate posted 4th Nov 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 4th Nov 2013

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