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Heroes of Might and Magic V Gold Edition requires Steam/Uplay etc?

By tenialalo posted 4th Nov 2013

hey all.

i would like to ask if anyone knows does this game require steam or Uplay or anything like that.
when buy from this website?
i want to play via steam mostly but if it require Uplay or
anything like that,
i dont want to buy heard Uplay sux i dunno:s

link of Game


By Grymwynd posted 4th Nov 2013

I don't have this but a friend of mine does. If I remember correctly the version here uses Tages DRM.

By tenialalo posted 4th Nov 2013

oh oki.
what is DRM ?

By Andreasqiao posted 4th Nov 2013

DRM = Digital Rights Management , it's the protection used by softwares, and game are one of the users. Heroes of Might and Magic V Gold Edition on Gamersgate are using DRM also.

By Link Strife posted 4th Nov 2013

The GamersGate version of Heroes of Might and Magic V Gold Edition (which I have) does not require Steam nor Uplay. Not only does it not require them but it doesn't activate through either one of them.

On the left side of this page, under "My Library">"My Shelf", click on the name of the game. This will open a new page. In the center of the page, you will see four icons for the game you just bought. The icon for HOMMV Gold Edition doesn't do anything: you have to download the original game and the two expansion packs separately by first clicking on its icon from this list.

Click on the HOMMV icon. On the right side of the page, you will see a "Download" button and an "Activation code" button. Click on the code button to reveal it. Highlight it and copy it. (That is the DRM. You will have to paste this code at some point after you have installed the game in order to activate it.) Repeat these steps in order to install the two expansion packs.

Note: You can ignore the comment (under "System requirements") that warns that the game does not work on Win7. The Gold version works on Win7 64 without any problem. (I don't know about Win8 because I have Win7 64.)

By tenialalo posted 5th Nov 2013

oh thanks guys for help and info c:
i will give a try

By gamersgate posted 5th Nov 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 5th Nov 2013

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