Tom Clancy's End War

Cant find Endwar

By Alcatraz117 posted 3rd Nov 2013

I have downloaded and installed the game, is what the gamers gate installer said, "installation complete" but i cannot find it, i have looked through my entire computer and computer searched it, i do not want to reinstall it, if someone has any idea what has happened please help me!


By iceflame posted 3rd Nov 2013

contact GG support. It seems that there is a problem with Ubisoft titles.

By allenknight posted 3rd Nov 2013

Ubisoft also has a notorious reputation for very unfriendly DRM.

By Ladron3dfx posted 3rd Nov 2013

If you can't find it, you will to download again and this time keep the temp installation files.

Search for "Ubisoft" or "Tom Clancy" folder.

Check AntiVirus/Firewall is not blocking download and installation of game.

By Fonwick posted 3rd Nov 2013

It's a Ubi Studios game so it should default to the 32-bit Program Files folder, subfolder Ubisoft.

Not that Allenknight's comment even remotely has any reference but Ubi is quite decent with DRM.
They patch out any DRM from older games, unlike most companies out there and are very quick about extra activations if it's ever needed. Mind you that the old DRM is NOT removed in the Steam versions, only the Uplay version (which you have anyways..).

By gamersgate posted 4th Nov 2013

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By gamersgate posted 4th Nov 2013

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