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DLC not found

By aleks_u89 posted 2nd Nov 2013

I want to do a run through of the game and DLC before 4 comes out, but I get the 'downloadable content not found' message when I click on the Tyranny of King Washington option in the main menu. I have activated it with the key in the extras menu a year ago. I have redownloaded and installed both the full game and the DLC from gamers gate this week. Under DLC in Uplay it only shows options to buy and redeem code (where I entered the serial key again to no avail). I have read about this problem all over the internet but if anyone has found a solution no one has posted it and I don't want to have to wait all weekend to get a response from GG or Ubisoft, so any help would be appreciated.


By eToiAqui posted 2nd Nov 2013

From steam forums:

"My game says that, but then asks if I want to start a single-player game, and if I start one it is the DLC (not the main campaign) which starts. So the DLC seems to be there, there is just a bogus error message that you need to ignore before it starts."

Have you tried it?

By aleks_u89 posted 2nd Nov 2013

You were right! Thanks! What a stupid bug. I'm surprised I haven't found anything from Ubisoft on this.

By gamersgate posted 2nd Nov 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 2nd Nov 2013

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