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Strange price drop

By Popiko posted 2nd Nov 2013

Hi everyone. I rated one of the purchased games and then logged out. After few minutes I came back again and noticed that the prices of some games on my wishlist has been slightly reduced. However, later (after my next log in) they came back to previous state. What caused this price reduction ? Game rating, minion, or something else ? Does anyone had the same thing ?


By writer2036 posted 2nd Nov 2013

I got a further 10% off, $2.00 off Metro Last Light today. It was already 50% off. I think it is just a type of promo related to the game or it might be a special promo due to the Halloween sale that is happening right now.

By CISphil posted 2nd Nov 2013

It could have possibly been a bug that showed the cost from a different currency (within your own currency). I had a similar thing happen where I was shown the UK £ price for a product instead of the actual euro € price.
It was supposed to be like, €10/£7.49 but instead came up as €7.49 for me.
I imagine this was a similar occurrence but I've no idea what causes it.

By Psyringe posted 2nd Nov 2013

Which games exactly are we talking about?

By mwyeoh posted 2nd Nov 2013

My guess would also be that it was displaying in a different currency

By denizsi posted 2nd Nov 2013

What I find even more stranger is the ridiculous price inflation GG has applied to make their discounts look more appealing. For instance, since when has the regular Far Cry 3 been $69.99 (that is SEVENTY DOLLARS -and the Deluxe Edition at $79.99)!! And now it seems like GamersGate has applied a whopping 79% discount on it to make sell it for $14.98 when the game's normal price is actually only $30.

Maybe it is a mistake but it is shameful nonetheless.

By Popiko posted 2nd Nov 2013

I checked everything again today. CISphil and mwyeoh you were right. The site showed the cost from a different currency. I had a pounds instead of euro. Now everything it`s fine. Thanks for help.

By SkullCrusher896 posted 3rd Nov 2013

Maybe you missed the sale

By gamersgate posted 4th Nov 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 4th Nov 2013

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