Dracula Resurrection


By Linkaer posted 2nd Nov 2013

I think it´s the videocart, but am not sure. The game runs, but it "jumps" forward under cutscenes and dialogs, so i only hear half of the dialog. Any idea what i can do?


By redsfan posted 2nd Nov 2013

you can make sure that the video card drivers are up to date and install any patches for the game.

By denizsi posted 2nd Nov 2013

Were you playing on a laptop by any chance? At any rate, if your video card is nVidia, try this:

Open nVidia control panel, manage 3D settings, select the game from the list, choose the discrete graphics card as the preferred processor, and apply. Some people with this problem has found that the game utilized onboard graphics instead of using the card and the above method solved the problem for them.

By Linkaer posted 2nd Nov 2013

my drivers are up to date, and i cant seem to find any patches

By Linkaer posted 2nd Nov 2013

denizsi - I have ATI Mobility Radeon and that videocart does not have the settings you mention in your post. I am playing on a lap top, with Windows 7 - Help?

By rajandeep123 posted 2nd Nov 2013

Its an openAl issue
1. Download openAL (http://openal.updatestar.com/en)
2. Install OpenAL. It will copy the newest version of OpenAL32.dll to your Windows\System32 directory.
3. rename the OpenAL32.dll in your game's directory to something different (for example _OpenAL32.dll.bak)
4. copy the OpenAL32.dll from your Windows\system32 directory into your game's folder.

By Linkaer posted 2nd Nov 2013

I´m a total noob, so I need some more guidiance
1. I have openAL installed, so I skip steep 2 and then what?
2. Where do I find the games directory
... and thx

By rajandeep123 posted 2nd Nov 2013

1. Install openAl again, your files might be damaged/outdated.
2. The game directory is the folder where you installed the game.

By Linkaer posted 2nd Nov 2013

hmm the OpenAL is installed in Windows/sydyem32 directory, but it does not appear in the games directory, so i can´t rename it... what do I do?

By rajandeep123 posted 3rd Nov 2013

Then just skip the renaming step.

By Linkaer posted 3rd Nov 2013

I have done the above steps, and it´s still doing it. Any other suggestions?

By denizsi posted 4th Nov 2013

Here is an idea: install Combined Community Codec Pack, if you don't have it installed already. Then open FFShow settings (to do so, open any video that runs FFDShow which shows up in task bar, then click on blue "FFa" icon in taskbar), click on "DirectShow control" on the left pane, click "Use ffdshow only in", click on edit next to it (second one from top), click on "Add" and select the game exe through the oop-up browser.

Try running the game after that.

By Linkaer posted 4th Nov 2013

Arggg that didn´t help either. I have bought both Dracula games. Nr2 is working fine, but i hate having to play it before nr. 1 ;-)
So please somebody HELP me.

By rajandeep123 posted 5th Nov 2013

Open the Catalyst Control Center and turn off the Catalyst AI completely.

By Linkaer posted 5th Nov 2013

Still not working

By rajandeep123 posted 6th Nov 2013

Is it just an audio jump or a video one as well?

By rajandeep123 posted 6th Nov 2013

Also tell me which ati do you have?

By Linkaer posted 6th Nov 2013

It´s both video and audio. I have ATI mobility radeon HD 5850

By rajandeep123 posted 7th Nov 2013

Have you tried redownloading and reinstalling your game? The only other thing I can think about is reinstalling your drivers.

By Linkaer posted 7th Nov 2013

I have redownloaded and reinstalled the game, that didn´t solve the problem. I don´t see the idea of reinstalling my drivers, cause everything else works on my computer, just not this game. So will you please give me a reason for doing that.
And thx btw for the patience from all who has given this a go ;-)

By denizsi posted 8th Nov 2013

This may be stupid but have you tried running the game "as Administrator" and with compatibility modes?

By Linkaer posted 8th Nov 2013

Nope. How do i do that?

By Linkaer posted 8th Nov 2013

Btw nothing is stupid at this point. I´m pulling my hair at this moment.

By rajandeep123 posted 8th Nov 2013

Right click, properties, then the compatibility tab. You will see run as admin there and also compatibility mode (try XP 2 and also vita and the other xps)

By denizsi posted 8th Nov 2013

It is worth noting that this problem seems to occur the most on laptops so I'm guessing it must have something to do with either the GPU or the sound if not both and possibly some sort of third party utility to resolve it without installing new drivers entirely but I'm just not finding it so far.

There were some third party ATI utilities to have more precise control over your ATI card. May have to check on those.

By denizsi posted 8th Nov 2013

Speaking of which, do you know if your laptop has a dedicated sound card or an onboard one?

By Linkaer posted 8th Nov 2013

have tried your suggestions - none of it worked.

Nice to know I'm not the only one ;-) I am not a tech person, so i have no notion of what to do in regards to managing third party utilities.
My soundcard:
Digital/analog 7.1-channel S/PDIF output
The SRS Premium Sound™-certified audio performance, and built-in digital/analog 7.1-channel S/PDIF output ensure you get an utterly captivating aural experience
I'm on the brink of giving up on this game- do you know if its possible to get refunds or is it just bad luck for me?

By rajandeep123 posted 9th Nov 2013

If you have already seen the keys than you can't get a refund. Sorry I couldn't be of any help.

By denizsi posted 9th Nov 2013

I almost forget at this point; the game was Dracula Resurrection, right?

By denizsi posted 9th Nov 2013

Interestingly, I found this page where it's said that some old games, including Dracula Resurrection have problems running on machines with Hyperthreading and there are three solutions towards the bottom of the page. Try them in reverse order (try 3 first, then 2, then 1):


Hopefully, one of these will work. Make sure you understand and apply the methods correctly, though.

By denizsi posted 9th Nov 2013

And finally, if none of the works just the same, give Intel driver updates a try:


By denizsi posted 9th Nov 2013

Oops, forgot that your card is ATI.

By Linkaer posted 9th Nov 2013

As stated earlier my drivers are up to date. I have looked at your link, and I do not have a Hyperthreading on my computer. I have tried to do the manual advise on the site, and its running the game with CPU0 as standard. And the game is still not working :-(
I don´t understand rajandeep123s answer: "if you have already seen the keys than you can't get a refund", I haven´t been able to play the game, so what is: seen the keys?
I am almost at the point, where i am going to mark this as solved. I dont know how the system works regarding WHO gets the bluecoins, but i think that both rajandeep123 and denizsi deserves bluecoins.

By denizsi posted 9th Nov 2013

Sad. I really wish you could play and enjoy the game.

By rajandeep123 posted 10th Nov 2013

What I meant was if you have already pressed on the button (see activation/serial keys) then you can't get refund with no questions asked. If you still want to keep trying then you can open a ticket at GG support. I am sorry I wasn't of much help.

By Linkaer posted 10th Nov 2013

Hi. Thx for all the help and support. Even though none of it helped, I am greatful for the time you spent trying to solve my problem. I will try the support.

By gamersgate posted 10th Nov 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 12th Nov 2013

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