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How Four packs work here?

By wilfredosolis posted 23rd Oct 2013

The game I trying to buy is Ravaged (I know I need steam), but how does it work here? Do I just buy it? or do I buy it as a gift? If I buy it as a gift, do I just receive the keys that I can then just send to my friends?

I'm a noob here on GamersGate. Thats why I ask.



By rcantora posted 23rd Oct 2013

You just buy it. You will receive four Steam keys: one for you and other three to give away (or you can just gift the four of them).
Being a Steam game, which requires no download from GamersGate, you can use GamersGate gift center or just reveal every key and hand them to your friends.
Please note that you will not be able to activate the extra keys on your Steam account to have them in your Steam inventory.

By wilfredosolis posted 23rd Oct 2013

Thank you for your fast response. It was clear, precise, and fast. Very good answer!


By gamersgate posted 23rd Oct 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 24th Oct 2013

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