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Trying to install first game!

By UtmostGorilla posted 23rd Oct 2013

Heyo! Just bought Syndicate a couple of minutes ago and am having trouble installing it. I hit the download button and once it has finished, i find it in my downloads. opening up the file though i am greeted with an error from the gamersgate downloader.

"Failed to sign in: Error 2 in network connection"

it goes on to say i should check my internet connection and firewall. my internet is fine obviously lol, and i even went so far as to drop my firewall entirely. but the error remains :( I am using the same user name and password as the one i use for this website btw

any thoughts?? thanks for your time everyone!! :D


By slayer69 posted 23rd Oct 2013

Syndicate is EA game, so i think Origin is required. You should create EA account, put serial key in Origin and download and play Your game through EA client. Your key should be find in "My Library", "My Shell", "Syndicate" and on the right side is "Show serial key".

By UtmostGorilla posted 23rd Oct 2013

really!??! kk ill give it a try!

By UtmostGorilla posted 23rd Oct 2013

great! yup its downloading as i type :) it was misleading that there was an option to download from the gamersgate website.

thanks for your time!

happy hunting!! :D

By gamersgate posted 23rd Oct 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 24th Oct 2013

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