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Grand theft auto IV steam-code?

By Terano posted 20th Oct 2013

Hallo there!
I want to know if you get a steam-code to Grand Theft Auto IV when you buy it.
I dont want a steam-code so could someone please tell me. :O


By marcinshaqq posted 20th Oct 2013

yes, you get a steam code

By Psyringe posted 20th Oct 2013

Erm, no.

GTA4, as sold on GamersGate, does not require Steam, and cannot be activated on that platform. You can check this by looking at the product page. If a product requires Steam, then this will be mentioned in the "requirements" section.

Please check the facts before giving answers. The people who are asking questions, trust that you know what you're talking about, and my spend money based on our answers.

By Terano posted 20th Oct 2013

Thank you
I will look at the product page next time. :D

By gamersgate posted 20th Oct 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 20th Oct 2013

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