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Arkham City and GFWL

By IAmAndre posted 19th Oct 2013


I bought Arkham City GOTY Edition on Gamersgate a few months ago. It wasn't a Steam game. However I saw a few days ago on Steam that as Microsoft is stopping GFWL, we wouldn't be able to play AC without an update, and that this update would delete all our saved games. Am I concerned by this since I bought this game on GG and not on Steam?
The other thing is that my game just... disappeared. I'm not sure what happened but the folder has just disappeared from my hard drive. That's not a big issue since I already finished the game. What I want to know is whether I will be able to download the game in the future and play without being worried by GFWL.



By Psyringe posted 19th Oct 2013

GamersGate has distributed Steam keys to all owners of Batman Arkham City GotY some weeks ago. Just look into your library, reveal the new Steam key, and register your game at Steam. The Steam version does not have GfWL any more, and whatever happens to GfWL in the future (there are loads of rumors, but no official confirmation as far as I'm aware), it won't affect your ability to play Arkham City.

By carlweymouth posted 19th Oct 2013

Use the steam key you recieved again and all will be updated.

By Ladron3dfx posted 19th Oct 2013

Microsoft has not issued a statement that the GFWL service is closing. An official statement must be made by Microsoft, not rumor on gaming news outlets or various gaming forums.

By IAmAndre posted 19th Oct 2013

Thank you all for your replies. I don't feel like downloading this game for the moment but it's good to know that whenever I want to I can download it and play. However I saw that there is an Arkham City folder in My Documents. I think that it contains saved games. Does it mean that when I download the game I will be able to resume the game if these files are still there?

By Ladron3dfx posted 19th Oct 2013

GFWL saves will only work with GFWL version of Batman: AC not the Steamworks only version. With the Steamworks only version, you will have to start over.

Be sure to make a copy of the original saves before re-installation as they may be overwritten.

By IAmAndre posted 19th Oct 2013

OK Thanks again for your replies.

By gamersgate posted 19th Oct 2013

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By gamersgate posted 19th Oct 2013

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