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Regarding GFWL removal and Steam activation.

By igniz12 posted 18th Oct 2013

So I heard that some people managed to get their GFWL version of B:AC activated on steam due to GFWL removal. Decided to try it out and noticed a steamkey on my library page in addition to my old GFWL key. Tried it(steamkey) and it activated the game but now I have 2 games; Vanilla version and GOTY version. Does this mean that Warner bumped existing vanilla versions to GOTY versions? Can anyone clarify?



By carlweymouth posted 18th Oct 2013

Gfwl is ending next year so patches are being deployed to enable game saving.

By Psyringe posted 18th Oct 2013

@igniz: Yes. All customers who own "Batman: Arkham Asylum" or "Batman: Arkham City" on GamersGate, have been given Steam keys for these games. These keys appear to activate GotY versions - there was no official announcement about this, but many people reported that they now have the GotY version, and so far no one complained that he hasn't.

@carlweymouth: Please note that there has still be no official confirmation about GfWL closing down. The information that we do have is based on a retracted press info for one game which leaves room for interpretation. It may very well happen indeed, but it's not been confirmed, nor has any specific date.

By Othrandur posted 18th Oct 2013

I can confirm that my regular B:AA and B:AC on Steam have been automatically upgraded to GOTY and both the regular and GOTY versions of B:AC now appear in my inventory.

I don't expect many tears to be shed if GFWL dies. :)

By igniz12 posted 18th Oct 2013

Thanks, Psyringe. First Take2 gives out Minerva's Den free to existing Bioshock 2 owners and now Warner giving out (practically)free copies of B:AC GOTY edition. PC gaming....pure bliss XD

Thanks for the everyone who replied too.


By gamersgate posted 18th Oct 2013

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By gamersgate posted 18th Oct 2013

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