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Battlefield 4 pre-order question

By sparrs posted 15th Oct 2013

A question: There are two versions of BF4, one Premium and the £44.95 version. The premium states that you have two weeks early activation, whereas the more expensive version doesnt mention that. I am curious would the two weeks early activation be allowed for the deluxe edition? I dont think its that clear on the GG website what exactly the differences are apart from extra blue coins and an avatar. Thanks.


By Sedith posted 15th Oct 2013

The actual game is the 44.95 version. BF4 Premium is a set of all expansion packs, to which you will have access earlier than people buying DLCs separately. Essentially, it's like Season Pass for other games, DICE just calls it 'Premium' :)

By sparrs posted 16th Oct 2013

Thanks for your answer. Humm. Thats quite pricey then to get both just to play two weeks early. Thanks for the clarification!

By gamersgate posted 16th Oct 2013

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By gamersgate posted 16th Oct 2013

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