Ship Simulator Extremes Cargo Vessel DLC

Activation Codes Not Working For Steam Version of the Original Game?

By gijas posted 15th Oct 2013

I know this is a weird question but I bought ferry, cargo vessel and ocean liner dlc for Ship Simulator Extreme but can't activate or install them on my Steam version of the game. When I try to install them it says there is no valid Ship Sim Extreme install on my computer but there is which is my Steam version. So do I really need to buy a GG full version of the original game to play these DLC's?


By snowstorm52 posted 15th Oct 2013

The DLC (and actual game sold here) is not Steamworks so it isn't compatible. You would need to buy the DLC on Steam to get it to work with that version of the game.

By Jokerister posted 15th Oct 2013

For youre dlc to work they require a full version of the game, you need to buy the original game and install it on your pc(if you havent). If you have the same issue then you need to install the dlc in the game folder were it belongs. You can find were you need to install your dlc with google search.

By Ladron3dfx posted 15th Oct 2013

The DLC must say "Activation:Steam, DRM:Steamworks" in the DRM section of the product page or it will not work.

By uthnity posted 15th Oct 2013

The DLC has to be the same version of the DLC on steam in order for them to work together

By gijas posted 16th Oct 2013

Got it. I thought I did this before but must have been wrong. Thanks.

By gamersgate posted 16th Oct 2013

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By gamersgate posted 16th Oct 2013

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