Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Says it installed unsucessfully when I enter the CD key

By realshard posted 14th Oct 2013

This game was working fine but recently I reinstalled windows on my computer to clear it out. Now this happens every time I try and reinstall the game on this computer. It also says all my CD key's have been used when I try and install it on my laptop.


By redsfan posted 14th Oct 2013

you can submit this question to the support staff and they can help you with that.

By rajandeep123 posted 14th Oct 2013

Download the files again with your firewall and antivirus off. Did you uninstall the game properly before reinstalling Windows? I once manually deleted Mass Effect without properly uninstalling it and I was never able to use that key again.

By realshard posted 15th Oct 2013

that could be a problem, will try your solution rajandeep123 and if that does not work will forward my question to the support staff.

By gamersgate posted 15th Oct 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 15th Oct 2013

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