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Dominion 4 : What is the DRM on GG?

By Gogondola posted 11th Oct 2013

Dominion 4 GamersGate Shop page mentions "Other DRM" but I want know what is this DRM, nobody know?


By ChuudyPL posted 11th Oct 2013

Other DRM simply means it's not tied to a client service such as Origin or Steam. Once you download and install it, it's there forever, you own it within the confines of the EULA, unlike games with Steamworks and Origin DRM, which you are simply "renting" and have no ownership of whatsoever. All it means is you can't activate it on any client service, but you can add it to your library in Steam by clicking add game, then add non steam product. You just won't get achievements for it, that's all.

By Gogondola posted 11th Oct 2013

Good explanation but it doesn't saying me if it's or not something like Desura, Uplay, a fixed number of installation, a connect check once or randomly or at each launch, and so on. So I'd like know the DRM. The problem is developer site isn't always clear about that because of various eshops with various special requirements.

By Psyringe posted 11th Oct 2013

Dominions 3 had an offline serial check. You needed to enter the the serial when you installed the game, but there were no limitations or requirements associated with it.

I don't know the specifics of Dominions 4 (don't have the game yet), but it would surprise me if the devs changed their stance. But I would recommend asking them directly (in case no one here can provide the answer).

By Gogondola posted 11th Oct 2013

Thank you but not the answer I was expecting.

By Silverhawk posted 12th Oct 2013

It's a simple cd key activation. You can activate it even offline. When the game is activated on your PC the key is saved and you don't have to reactivate the game every time you reinstall it. There are also no limitations. You can install it on as manny PCs as you like and if you buy it on Desura you can gift it to an other person even if you activated and played the game before. I think they made this activation that the game wont be pirated. If they see a key on a warez site they know who is the owner or who shares the game. I think this is acceptable.

By Gogondola posted 12th Oct 2013

Thank you very much Silverhawk going get the game asap, it's not often for a game not on sale. :-) But also it's in part a homage to Dominion 3 I discovered through a nice sale.

By gamersgate posted 12th Oct 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 12th Oct 2013

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